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Malvasia, the absolute queen of the Istrian wine cellars.

Malvasia, the absolute queen of the Istrian wine cellars

Tasting notes

  • An intensive straw yellow colour with golden shades.
  • Intensified aroma of ripe fruit with tasting notes of acacia tree flowers, honey, and a scent of vanilla.
  • An extremely full, rich taste harmoniously balanced with pleasant acidity.
  • A high mineral content and long finish confirm the nobleness of this wine.

Istrian Malvasia is a white wine containing between 11.5 and 13.5% alcohol. Connoisseurs describe it as a full, rounded and harmonious wine with a great fruity and floral aromatic potential. Its specific aroma is reminiscent of the smell of acacia flowers, while the dominating fruit flavours are usually those of apple, plum and apricot. The ripe wine has a hint of bitter almond.

Istrian Malvasia began conquering the world shortly after the year 1990, when the production of this wine was increased in volume and quality. From that time on, numerous small wineries have appeared all over Istria, boasting ever more excellent Malvasia wines.

A must destination in Istria for all lovers of Malvasia is the picturesque Brtonigla, the place of origin of the premium quality wines of this variety celebrated by the special Festival of Istrian Malvasia, where guests can taste the best wines of this Istrian variety in one place.

Food and wine pairing recommendation: White fish baked with potatoes, octopus under a baking lid, pasta with sea fruit. Serving temperature: 11–13°C

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Among the green hills of the Slovenian Istra (the Southwestern part of Slovenia) you can hire a Vespa scooter to spend pleasant hours in total freedom.

Hiking Tour Including Wine Tasting

Take a scenic hike on an old pilgrimage route. The rural route takes you through villages, vineyards, and some of the most scenic countryside in Istria.