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Rebula is the oldest "Brika" and the first lady of Goriska Brda.

Rebula - the first lady of Goriska Brda

Tasting notes

  • Clear yellow with a fresh green note
  • The aroma of lemon, green apple, cedar tree, grapefruit, nicely rounded by a delicate acacia scent.
  • The mouthcleaning and pleasant freshness, characteristic of rebula

The wine region of Goriska Brda bears a striking resemblance to the hilly landscapes of Tuscany and Rebula wine is definitely a synonym for this region. People here use to say that Rebula is the oldest "Brika" (the inhabitant of Goriska Brda) and the first lady of Goriska Brda.

Rebula (Ribolla) enjoys a long tradition in the Slovene littoral, certain oenologists claiming this very region to be its origin. It has definitely been cultivated here since at least the 13th century. The vines have a high yield; ripe berries tend to fall off the grape clusters.

Rebula has an inviting golden to amber colour, which speaks of longer skin contact. Nose is amazingly rich for Ribolla, with gooseberries and blackcurrants dominating over gentle piny and fine oaky notes. Very dry, medium bodied with touch of tannins and salty savoury character and lot of life. This is a homage to Ribolla, the oldest variety in Brda. It is excellent to approach now, but will be great in next decade until 2025.

Rebula is served chilled to 9 or 10°C (50 °F), accompanying saltwater fish as well as freshwater specialties such as trout or salmon, as well as oysters.

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