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Already more than 300 years ago, it has been dubbed by Pavel Naldini, the renowned Bishop of Koper, as the wine of kings.

Refosk - the king of reds

Tasting notes

  • Intensive ruby red colour.
  • A bouquet surprises with ripe fruit reminiscent of ripe blackberry, jam, sour cherry, mulberry, blueberry, and dry Mediterranean spices. Notes of wood and forest undergrowth can also be sensed.
  • The taste is rich and expansive. Pleasant acids keep this rich wine lively and fruity. Beautifully structured tannins give this wine a long and pleasant finish.

Refosk is a very old family of dark-skinned grape varieties native to the Venetian zone and neighbouring areas of Friuli, Gavi, Trentino, Istria, and Karst Plateau. It is considered autochthonous in these regions. The name comes from the combination of the words rasp and fosco that in the venetian or Friuli languages mean respectively grape and dark.

The wines this grape yields can be quite powerful and tannic, with a deep violet color and a slight bitterness. On the palate, there are strong currant, wild berry and plum flavors. The wine can stand some aging (depending on variety), and after a period of four-to-ten years, it achieves a floral quality as well.

Refosk should be served at 16 °C (60.8 °F), or if it is particularly rich in tannin, at 18 °C (64.4 °F). It goes best with charcuterie, game, and grilled poultry.

Food and wine pairing recommendation: Refosk wine goes nicely with rich and also more fatty food. It is also a very good companion to cold cured meat products, steaks, beefsteaks, and grilled meat dishes.

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