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legend has it that Napoleon gave it the name, by tasting a glass and exclaiming “C’est si bon!” (It’s so good!), which promptly got re-rendered.

Sipon - “C’est si bon!” (It is so good!)

Tasting notes

  • A yellowish-green wine with golden hues.
  • The quite gentle but versatile fruity aroma blends well with balanced lively and mature acids.
  • Lighter, suggestive of pears and apples, even somewhat piquant, with a hint of minerality.
  • All of which is underlined in the lasting aftertaste.

Also known as Mosler, Moslavac or Furmint, Sipon is among the most long-standing noble varieties of Slovenia. Experts have differing opinions about its origins. Is it an autochthonous grape of today’s Slovenia, or does Sipon look back on a long history of migration, passing through Georgia, Greece, and Hungary on the way?

This wine sort comes in different varieties and as such requires elaborate cultivation and professional knowledge of viticulture. The fullness of the flavour extends from a delicate grapefruit aroma to completely ripe, compact and profound flavour shades. This is a wine with a long lifespan and an intense variety of flavours and fullness which stimulate the taste buds with new flavours and also proves that wine takes time - time to mature and time for us to enjoy it.

The etymological origins of the white wine with its characteristic freshness is surrounded by legend. Supposedly a French battalion crossed the hills of Jeruzalem during the Napoleonic wars and the inhabitants offered the highest-ranking officer a glass of their wine, who expressed his delight saying: “C’est si bon!” (It is so good!). From this moment, the praised wine was just called Sipon.

Food and wine pairing recommendation: It adores bright, clean flavors that match its energetic personality, but has the wherewithal to match with spicy, Asian-inspired fish dishes. Not only does it scream for simply prepared shellfish dishes, like a halibut ceviche, it also joins the short list of wines that work beautifully with salads and green vegetables. It will shine with simple pâtés made from chicken or pork, or a savory scallop mousse. Serve slightly chilled - 9 or 10°C (50 °F).

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