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One of the easiest and most satisfying trips is to Vintgar Gorge, some 4km to the northwest of Bled village.

Vintgar Gorge


  • The 1600 m long trail
  • The highest river fall in Slovenia
  • Wooden bridges, galleries and rushing river

Local people have always viewed the gorge with awe and respect. The highlight is a 1600m wooden walkway through the gorge, built in 1893 and continually rebuilt since. It crisscrosses the swirling Radovna River four times over rapids, waterfalls and pools before reaching 16m-high Šum Waterfall. The entire walk is spectacular.

The gorge has been arranged for visitors for more than a hundred years. Along the narrow passage, there are paths, galleries and bridges constructed in the rock.

It's difficult to think of any way that the Vintgar Gorge could be improved as a tourist destination - it's really that good!

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Bled & Brda Wine Tour

A fairy tale landscape of VINTGAR GORGE - one of the easiest and most satisfying trips - not even a half hour drive from lake Bled.