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Multi Day Tours

Bled & Brda Wine Tour

Begin your adventure to Bled, one of Slovenia's top attractions, which ought to be a part of any visit to Slovenia. Emerge yourself into idyllic landscape of mountain valleys and emerald Soca river, and end your journey in Brda wine growing region. An area known for its astonishing vineyards and unique and world recognised wines.


Istria - terra magica

Istria - terra magica, is blessed with four different types of soil on such a small teritory, providing fertile ground for numerous wine sorts. Paired well with gastronomical surprises, istrian wine is something you will insist on taking home.


My heart is in a vineyard tour

This tour in Lower Styria is like a pilgrimage route, passing vineyard cottages, churches, and other landmarks which mark the vivacious everyday life of this astonishingly beautiful land. Come with us - together we will experience the life there, with stopping at the chosen wineries along the way to taste the best.


Quatro terre, quatro days out

The Quatro Terre ©, are four small villages in the north-western and central Istria peninsula. The villages from north to south are: Buie, Grisignana, Montona and Pinguente. They are famous for their architecture of characteristic stone houses and yards and unique atmosphere. The food & wine there is excellent and delicious too.


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