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Terms and Conditions

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Introductory Note

The following Booking Conditions, together with all information relating to your chosen tour package contained on this website or in our relevant brochure, form the basis of your contract with Alfredo TOURS - Marketing Masters d.o.o., Kidričeva 46, 6000 Koper, Slovenia, further addressed as Alfredo TOURS. Please read them carefully as they set out our respective rights and obligations.

Alfredo TOURS makes no representation or warranty as to the completeness or accuracy of the information contained in this site. Alfredo TOURS reserves the right to change or modify any of the information contained in this Internet site or to the services described therein, without notice but we make no commitment to update such information. Alfredo TOURS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES, LOST PROFITS, INJURIES, SAVINGS, OR GOODWILL RESULTING FROM YOUR USE OR INABILITY TO USE INFORMATION PROVIDED FROM THIS SITE. You should therefore verify information obtained from this site before you act upon it by calling the suppliers who we represent to obtain latest rules and policies.

Bookings and contracting: »Making your booking«

Booking can only be effected following the customer acceptance of the general conditions of this contract.

A customer may book through Alfredo TOURS website, by phone, in our Koper travel agency office and by other means of remote communication, or with other authorized agents.

The first person named on your booking form is the "Lead Name", who must be at least 18 years old. The lead must be authorized to make the booking on the basis of these booking conditions by all the persons named on the booking. By making the booking, the Lead Name confirms that he/she is so authorized and the persons named on the booking agree to be subject to these booking conditions. The lead name is responsible for making all payments to us; any payment made by another person named on the booking shall be treated as if made by the Lead Name.

The contract is to be considered when Alfredo TOURS has confirmed the booking, with the relevant information, via e-mail, fax or by telephone. Specifications about the tour package or about a single tourist service are included in the notes and details of the offer (displayed before the contract subscription), or in other communication tools, as provided by the law in force. Booking information will be transmitted to the Lead Name no later than 72 hours after booking confirmation.

In case the tourist product created by Alfredo TOURS and published on a website or in our brochure requires a minimum number of participants, Alfredo TOURS reserves the right not to carry out the trip if the requested minimum number of participants has not been achieved.

Bookings are subject to place and language availability. During our tours, the guide and accompanying service can be performed in various languages. The English language is always guaranteed.


A partial payment of the 30% of the entire participation fee must be deposited at the booking time. The balance must be paid within 30 days prior departure. Bookings made in the 30 days before the beginning of the Experience must be paid by lump-sum settlement. The payments can be made by either of this:

- Credit card (via our on-line payment system)
- Bank transfer

In case of bank transfer payment, it is necessary to send us a copy of bank transfer execution (printed and stamped by bank as payment evidence) before h.5pm of the booking day, or the following day in case the booking has been done after that time.

In case of payment with credit card we charge additional 3% transaction fee. In case of Paypal payment we charge additionally 5% transaction fee.

If all payments due are not received in full and on time, we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled by you. In this case, the cancellation charges will be applied. It’s also established that in the cases in which rescission penalties of customer are enforced, the organizer is legally entitled by the customer to hold the amount received as partial payment as valid for the due penalty. The non-payment of the above-mentioned sums at fixed dates is an explicit resolutory clause, which would determine the rescission of the tourist package sale contract, set apart the compensation for further damages suffered by the organizer.

Validity of Prices

The prices of tour packages are valid from the date of publication and in accordance with what has been written in our pricelists, brochures, catalogues or websites (on paper or electronic). If an incorrect price has been posted in error, we reserve the right to refuse, cancel, amend or limit any order placed at the incorrect price. Extra expenses, such as compulsory fee to pay in loco, are always specified in the notes and details of the offer.

Alfredo TOURS reserves the right to change the price at least 20 days before departure and only in case of variations of the following elements of calculation:

1. transportation costs, including the fuel prices;
2. government taxes and fees on certain services, such as landing and embarkation or disembarkation fees, in ports and airports;
3. currency fluctuation;
4. cost increase that is beyond Alfredo TOURS control;

The eventual price increase is calculated as percentage raise of the before mentioned elements of calculation. Should the surcharge exceed 10%, you will be entitled to cancel your booking with a full refund, however, with no right to the compensation for damage and possible visa, insurance, vaccination and similar costs.

Any eventual changes in rates will not be made without notice.

If We Modify Your Booking and/or Accommodation

Sometimes, reserved accommodations may no longer be available for reasons such as unexpected maintenance or hotel overbooking. In such cases, substitute accommodation of equal or greater quality will be provided. If, after confirmation, Alfredo TOURS makes a hotel change or other changes to your travel arrangements such as:

  • change of destination;
  • change of departure or return by more than 24 hours;
  • change of accommodation standards;
  • change of the routing requiring additional travel identification or documentation without sufficient time to obtain this documentation before departure;

then Alfredo TOURS will contact you at the earliest convenience upon receipt of notification from the concerned supplier prior to your departure. In this case, Alfredo TOURS offers the following options:

  • Acceptance of the change as offered;
  • Selection of an alternate accommodation or an alternate package with Alfredo TOURS, based on availability. Any price differential resulting from substitution with a lower-priced alternative will be refunded. Customers are responsible for payment of any difference in price based on substitution of a higher priced alternative of their choice;
  • Cancellation of your vacation with a full refund of the price paid to Alfredo TOURS.

Invoice & Voucher Delivery

All travel documents are sent to the customer electronically as PDF documents attached in an email. You can also collect hard copies of the travel documents on arrival, upon request.

You may also request to have the documents mailed to you by first class post. There is a small additional fee for this service. In accordance with mail order regulations, documents must be sent to the billing address of the credit card holder, not to the address(es) of the passenger(s), unless they are one and the same. Please note that Alfredo TOURS cannot accept responsibility for documents mislaid or lost by postal services. We therefore recommend that all documents be sent to you by Registered Post or Courier Service to your home address, though there is an extra cost for this.


For all cancellations, Alfredo TOURS will make every effort to ensure you the best protection. However, late cancellation can result in compensation claims from hotels and other service providers. All cancellations must be sent to Alfredo TOURS in writing, by fax, post or e-mail.

Cancellation charges: Alfredo TOURS charges cancellation fees at a percentage of the total tour package price, as follows:

  • 20% of the confirmed price if you cancel more than 72 hours before the beginning of the service.
  • 30% of the confirmed price if you cancel between 72 and 48 hours before the beginning of the service.
  • 50% of the confirmed price if you cancel between 48 and 24 hours before the beginning of the service.
  • 75% of the confirmed price if you cancel 24 hours and less before the beginning of the service.
  • 100% of extra tickets we have already bought for you, which are not refundable.
  • 100% in case of no-show without previous notice.

Non-refundable services: Please note that cancellation rules are stricter than normal for the following services: international and domestic flights, day tours that include flights, accommodation at hotels, train tickets and cruises. Therefore, Alfredo TOURS cannot refund any of these services booked through us.

In the event some of our tour packages have stricter cancellation rules, the information will be stated in the package details online.
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Cancellation due to an insufficient number of participants

Alfredo TOURS reserves the right to cancel a tour if it fails to reach the required minimum number of participants. In the event that bookings do not reach the minimum number of participants, the service as defined within this agreement will not be provided and any deposit that has been made by the customer will be refunded. Alfredo TOURS withholds the right to use its own discretion when evaluating the appropriateness of tours.

Cancellation due to adverse weather conditions or extraordinary events

The tour will not take place in the case of adverse weather conditions or extraordinary events. In each of these cases, Alfredo TOURS withholds the right to use its own discretion when evaluating the appropriateness of tours. In such cases, no refund will be applicable to the customer. However, there are two options that are designed to protect you from unexpected events:

1. You are entitled to participate in one subsequent tour scheduled in the following seven days after the cancellation, subject to availability. The replacement tour will be of equivalent value and duration.

2. Rain check to be used the following day or at any other time, subject to availability. The Rain check is a voucher given to client. The voucher is transferable and may be sold or given to others to use at a future date and lasts up to 1 year from date. It has a value that can be possible used in any other tour provided by our company.

Cancellation due to other reasons

In the case of the cancellation of a tour, for reasons other than those provided in the preceding two paragraphs, the customer is entitled to a refund of the amount paid, or, if the client so decides, the client will be entitled to participate in one subsequent tour scheduled in the following seven days after the cancellation. The replacement tour will be of equivalent value and duration. Should the customer decide to participate in a substitute trip, they will renounce any refund claims that they were initially entitled to.

Forever Yours Deposit

Our Forever Yours Deposit is designed to protect you from unexpected events that may force you to cancel or delay your trip. Our standard cancellation terms still apply, but this policy ensures that the 30% deposit you paid for your booking can be used for the same tour package with a different arrival date, transferred to a new tour package or passed on to a friend or family member.

Note: Our Forever Yours Deposit policy applies to all tour packages except those that include travel by cruise, train or flight or accommodation at hotels as well as tour packages with stricter payment and cancellation rules specified in the package details.


Eventual discounts and benefits always exclude each other and are not accumulable. In case several discounts and/or benefits are possible, the customer chooses the discount or benefit that suits him most and for which he fulfils the conditions.

Participant’s obligations

The customers have to be equipped with personal passports or other documents valid for the destination Country, with the health certificate if required. Furthermore, the tourist will have to follow ordinary cautiousness and diligence rules, and specific rules effective in the destination countries, as well as the regulations and administrative and/or legislative provisions regarding the tourist package. The customer will be asked to answer for all the damage suffered by the organizer because of their incapacity to follow the above-mentioned obligations. The customer must provide the organizer with all the documents, the information and the elements owned by himself, which might be useful for exercising the subrogation right of the latest towards third parties, responsible for the damage. The customer is held responsible by the organizer for the detriment of the subrogation right. At the moment of the booking, the customer will also communicate, in writing, to the organizer the details needed which might possibly be part of specific agreements, such as journey instructions, provided their accomplishment is possible.

Customers must be present at the agreed tour meeting point 30 minutes before departure. No refund will be provided to the individuals that are not present at the agreed meeting time and place and no refund will be provided to those that lose contact with the group guide or in the case that they do not complete the tour.

Extra obligations for Vespa/Scooter tour participants

Alfredo TOURS provides customers with scooter/vespa and helmets that will be delivered in perfect working condition and which must be returned by the customer in the same condition at the end of the tour.

Participants of the tour affirm that they are entirely responsible for their own actions, and that any claim for damages to Alfredo TOURS is waived. In particular, cusomers declare that:

- they are able to ride a scooter safely;
- they are of good health;
- they know the Slovene Road Rules.

Participants in the tour are required to practice common sense, prudence and diligence, particularly in relation to the equipment provided by the company during the excursion, of which the participants agree to use at their own risk.


The prices of the tour package, unless differently stated in the program, does not include any kind of insurance, yet they do not include health insurance, which means that the passengers are responsible for taking care of their own insurance. When travelling abroad it is recommended to get the health insurance with global coverage.


Alfredo TOURS claims no responsibility for any loss, theft, damage, accident, injury, sickness, flight cancellation or schedule change due to weather, strike, natural disaster or any other cause beyond Alfredo TOURS control. Alfredo TOURS acts in good faith, and cannot be held responsible for any agent, hotel, coach operator, airline, guide, restaurant or any other person’s or company’s acts, defaults or delays.

Alfredo TOURS reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries or departure times, without prior notice, should the necessity arise. In the case of any changes to flights (domestic and international) or to scheduled travel by cruise, ferry, bus or train, the passenger is responsible for additional costs incurred as a result of such changes (e.g., additional nights at a hotel, meals, transfers, etc.). To safeguard your trip from unexpected misfortunes and protect your finances, we therefore advise all customers to have comprehensive travel insurance to meet all contingencies.

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, and in order to do so we maintain strict quality monitoring. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your tour package, we want to hear about it right away. We recommend calling our office as soon as any incident arises during your holiday. You will also have access to an emergency helpline while travelling on your Alfredo TOURS tour. If you are unable to do so at the time, you must notify Alfredo TOURS in writing within 30 days of your return or else you may jeopardize your right to compensation.

All information on Alfredo TOURS website is subject to change. Alfredo TOURS reserves the right to alter/change/correct mistakes that may possibly appear in the website or published price lists.

Image Use

Alfredo TOURS reserves the right to use without charge any photographs or images of any kind of participants for bona fide promoting and marketing purposes.

Applicable Law

Slovenian Law will be applicable for persons who are of legal age, those living in Slovenia, or those who don’t live permanently in Slovenia or persons who have selected the country of residence to be a foreign country, Slovenia will be the location where the court will rule for this agreement.